Purpose, goals and process (II)

Last time we began looking at the need for us not to be careless with our lives but to live deliberately. We saw that If care is not taken we will realize that time is going and we are not really making as much progress and impact with our lives as we ought to. The passage of time should see us get nearer the fulfillment of our dreams. We saw the fact that we must live on purpose and formulate goals through which we develop processes to execute. We cannot afford to be careless and let time just go by and we do not track how we have used time.

For our lives to count we must live consciously, deliberately and with purpose in mind. Purpose is the cure for merely existing.

Purpose on its own never gets the job done. Purpose is just the setting of the destination. Purpose is clarified intention. Purpose needs strategy to become a reality. We need goals and processes to make purpose a reality.

A major conveyor of process is goals. Purpose sets the big picture and goals break it down into manageable sections for processes to work. Goals are landmarks on the way to the destination that purpose has set. Goals are the the result or achievement towards which the engagement of processes will accomplish. Goals tell us what the process must target at different stages on the journey to arriving at the destination purpose has set.

Goals helps us to track our success as we journey through life. When we sit down to draw up our goals it helps us to organize our thinking so we can constructively build our lives by developing the right processes. It will help us know what we need to do , how to get them done and when and where to to do them. Goal setting helps us to outline a workable plan to execute the future which purpose has shown us. Once goals are set then we develop processes – series of activities we need to engage in to achieve the goals.  When we set goals and keep to the process we will be guided to get to achieving purpose strategically. Goals help us to know what we are working towards thereby helping us to formulate the right processes to get the job done.

“The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.” Bill Copeland

When we do not plan our lives and we do not set goals we are simply saying our lives do not have too much value. A person who lives life without goals is gambling with his or her life. He is leaving his life to chance. Far too many people just live life as it comes and do just what is expected  by society. They go to school, they graduate, they get a job , get married, have children, build a house and as far as they are concerned they have lived well. Life is more than the expected.





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