Photos of Buhari washing his hands in restroom with gold-plated tap, mirror go viral

The photographs of President Muhammadu Buhari washing his hands as a precaution against contracting the coronavirus was on Tuesday, March 31, released by the Presidency with him standing inside a restroom that has a gold-plated tap.

Apparently taken inside Aso Rock, the president was seen standing inside one of the restrooms in the Presidential Villa, and was busy washing his hands against the coronavirus, showing the opulence of the villa.

Inside the restroom was a gold-plated mirror, a gold-plated soap handle, a sanitizer, an air freshener and another gold-plated tap, with a shelve by his side.

One of the media aides of President Buhari, Bashir Ahmad, who posted the photographs, while commenting on them, said: “Since there is no vaccine against coronavirus yet, the only way to to keep away from the virus is to stay at home and be washing your hands regularly.

“President Muhammadu Buhari shows the way. Stay at home and wash your hands as many times as you can. Join him and take Safe Hands Challenge.”

The photographs elicited some reactions from Nigerians with some marvelling at the opulence inside the villa.

One of them, Nwokwa Nnamdi @Igbo_Speaker, asked: “Why is the wash-hand basin not gold?”

Another citizen, Lord of the North @mcattah, wrote: “Someone reprobate would still say it’s photoshop. Welldone Mr President.”

Buhari Sani Junaid @BuhariJunaid wrote: “Another topic for wailing wailers. “Buhari’s toilet tap made of pure gold worth millions of dollars” LOL. More blessings to Baba.”

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