Pains after stooling

I used to feel pains all over my body after stooling. The pain only disappears after I must have used antibiotics. Please help me.

Salman (by SMS)

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There are many reasons for your kind of complaints. For example, sometimes constipation alone can produce this sort of pain with defecation, due to insufficient emptying of the colon or excessive straining to pass hard stool. It is one of the most common causes of abdominal cramps after stooling. As the rectum is not completely emptied, the feeling of incomplete evacuation can further contribute to pain development and abdominal discomfort. Body pains after defecation can also be a sign of a serious condition called inflammatory bowel disease (with two different types, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis). Irritation around the anus can also lead to pain with defecation. Typically, this irritation could be from haemorrhoids or from an anal fissure, and would tend to cause pain that was more localised to the rectal area than general abdominal pain. Your doctor will be able to perform a general examination and help determine the cause of the problem as well as the correct treatment for it. In cases of constipation, the disorder can be adequately managed by consuming large quantities of fiber such as fruits and vegetables as well as increasing your intake of fluids.