On Senator Abbo’s award of excellence

Nothing could be so demeaning than what played out recently in Abuja where an organisation by the name, Intercommunity Awareness for Change and Development Initiative devalued our moral and human dignity by giving an award of excellence to Senator Ishaku Abbo, who is currently facing assault allegations in the court.

It is rather shameful and appalling that the Nigerian society celebrates mediocrity on every level. The action of Intercommunity Awareness for Change and Development Initiative is condemnable in its entirety.

Its director said the organisation recognises individuals who stand out in the governance of the country, this claim is a fallacy because many right thinking citizens of our Nigeria do not accept this. What yardstick is used to measure his efforts to decide he has stood out in governance? The only thing that has made Senator Abbo stand out is the assault of a nursing mother at a sex toy shop in the Federal Capital Territory. The director of this organisation, who is also a woman, should bury her head in shame for deeming it fit to eulogise a senator who is standing trial for assault of a woman at a time that people are standing up against the abuse of women. This has once again raised the questions: where did we throw our moral values? What legacies are we propagating for the young ones? What image of Nigeria are we portraying to the outside world?

In what could be described as the climax of a dance of shame by the organisation, it went on to massacre our democracy by naming the award, “Icon of Democracy.” It is very apparent that Intercommunity Awareness for Change and Development Initiative is an organisation with questionable intents, whose tenets are not built on the core components of our precious democracy but only seeks to enrich itself with crumbs from corrupt and undisciplined politicians. It is important that the government checks the proliferation of these questionable organisations and save our country from international embarrassment.

Ishola Akintunde,