Nigeria needs a cabinet of technocrats to move forward —Ositelu

The Most Reverend Rufus Okikiola Ositelu is the primate of the Church of the Lord, Worldwide, Ogere-Remo, Ogun State. In this interview by SEYI SOKOYA, he speaks about how the pandemic coronavirus can be dealt with and other national issues.

You predicted the outbreak of a deadly disease in 2019, now the pandemic coronavirus has surfaced and affected over 170 countries, has God told you the way out of this situation?

According to the Holy Mount Tabieorar Revelation published on August 18, 2019, the Lord God revealed to me that a strange and deadly disease will originate from China and that a remedy will be found. Therefore, we should continue to pray for quick solution and follow the protective guidelines of the World Health Organisation against coronavirus. The solution will come at God’s own time, but God has not said that it will come at a speculated date as some have said.


As an authority in Christendom, would you say you are satisfied with the state of things among Christians, especially in this part of the country?

All we need to do as Christians is to ‘walk the talk’, which we are not doing. May the good Lord grant us the grace to do His will, because this is the only way to go; we cannot continue to dwell in sin and expect grace to abound.


The new-generation churches seem to have taken over Christendom, how will you react to this?

All we need to do is to keep doing the right thing and lay emphasis on salvation and focus less on materialism.


What other approach do you think would be suitable for the Church in general to spread the Good News since some individuals have continued to be victims while propagating the Gospel?

There is no other approach to this than ensuring all Christian leaders need to lead by example by following Jesus Christ and serving God and humanity in truth and spirit as well as always educate their followers in all ramifications.


Would you say that the internet which many churches have adopted is an ideal medium to evangelise now?

Any medium to propagate the Good News is welcome as long as it is done with all sincerity and fear of God.


Is it true that church leaders across the board cannot reach consensus to confront the government to address the problem facing the Church?

Yes, because some of us are serving the god of materialism through those in power and that is where the difficulty lies.


Personally, what do you think is the lasting solution for the Church to have absolute peace?

Jesus Christ is the owner of His Church and He has promised to expose all the charlatans and cleanse His Church.


How has it been managing the Church after your father?

I am the fourth primate by the grace of God. Jesus Christ is the foundation of the Church and all my predecessors have done their best by building on the existing foundation. I am only privileged to build on what they have done, to God be the glory!

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What has been your greatest challenge?

God has given me so much vision for the Church more than what we can afford, but God is providing all that we need in His miraculous ways.


What is the relationship between TCLW and other white garment churches, especially Celestial and the Cherubim and Seraphim?

Our relationship is very cordial. As a matter of fact, we have an association which was founded in 2004. It is called United Aladura Churches (UAC) and we are committed in the unity and progress of the Church.


Is it true that you embrace traditionalism in your doctrine?

The only African tradition we embrace is respect for the elders and the African way of worshipping God, with gladness through joyful songs, clapping, drumming and dancing (Psalm 100), which all other denominations have adopted today.


If you have not taken after your father, what would you have become?

I was a computer scientist and Information System Consultant before I became a theologian as well as a priest.


What is your advice to President Muhammadu Buhari on good governance?

To move this country forward, we need a cabinet of technocrats right now to build our institutions and make them to function properly. Thereafter, they can be handed over to politicians. Our major problem in Nigeria is that we don’t have functional institutions.









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