NFF should hire a foreign coach now

I don’t know why the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) is delaying hiring a foreign coach; I hope the Federation is not trying to give the current handlers of the Super Eagles permanent contracts. It is not out of disrespect to our local coaches, but they just need to study more before they can be at par with their foreign counterparts.

How do we explain that for the second consecutive time, the Super Eagles have failed to qualify for the African Cup of Nations?

Now, the qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup in Russia will soon be out, and the NFF is still stalling on appointing a foreign coach.

In other climes, the leadership of the football federation would have resigned after their teams failed to qualify for major competitions on two consecutive occasions.

I hope the NFF can get its acts right so that the team can start preparing for the next world cup in Russia.


  • Idayat Kassim,


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