My severe backache

I started experiencing back-aches about seven months ago but thought that being just 22 years old, the pains will go away. Unfortunately, it has been getting worse. My parents and friends think it’s due to my high sugar intake which I fear is irreversible. I hope I am wrong.

Ayodele (by SMS)


Your backache could be due to many reasons such as your occupation, family history of backaches, the kind of shoes you wear as well as the state of your bed. Excessively high shoes as well as strenuous manual jobs could affect your posture as well as your back. Equally too, if your bed has loose springs and a sagging mattress, this could also be responsible. For now, you will need to reduce your sugar intake, take some painkillers and sleep on a hard background, preferably, a thin mattress placed on the floor. If after this the situation has not improved, then you will need to see a doctor.


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