‘My husband beat, left me stark naked, attempted to pour acid on me after stealing my money, phone’

•She was fond of coming home late —Husband

Grade A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, has adjourned for judgment on the case brought before it by a woman, Tawa Olayiwola, against her husband, Ganiyu Olayiwola ,till September 30.

Tawa, who approached the court, alleged that her husband was irresponsible, stole her money and was in the habit of beating, tearing clothes off her and leaving her stark naked.

She added that he was fond of accusing her of infidelity.

Ganiyu denied all the allegations brought against him.

Tawa giving her evidence on June 23 said, “My husband is irresponsible. He never gave me and our children feeding allowance neither did he pay their school fees.

“Any time I gather money for business, we would eventually spend it on food. He would feel comfortable eating without giving me a dime. He never asked where I got the money to feed the home from.

“My husband was in the habit of stealing my money and would deny doing so.

“I once arrested him with the police after he stole my money and phone, but he denied taking them.

“I later saw both with him after he was released and retrieved them from him.

“I again bought a television set, but he took it away from the house without my consent and gave no explanation as to what happened to it.

“He appealed to me to borrow money to pay our rent when it was due with a promise to make a refund, but he reneged on his promise.

“My lord, my husband refused that I had rest of mind despite all I did to ensure our home never lacked.

“He accused me immorality and would beat me to a pulp any time we had a misunderstanding or when I refused him sex.

“Ganiyu would beat me, tear my clothes and leave me stark naked.

“He once attempted to pour acid on me and this would have disfigured me but for the timely intervention of our neighbours.

“I moved out of his house when my health started failing me.

“I pray the court to dissolve our marriage and make him responsible for our children’s welfare,” the plaintiff stated.

The court president, Mrs S.M Akintayo, adjourned the case till August 4 for further hearing after cross examination.

Ganiyu  on the adjourned date gave his testimony and told the court that, “My wife was in the habit of returning home late. Continuing, he said: “I pleaded with her to stop this habit but she refused. She held on to this habit for three years which led to our constant quarrel.

“Our parents mediated in our differences but she was adamant.

“I got irritated with her ways one day and beat her.

“She came to court after this.

“My lord, if she is insisting on divorce, let it be, but I pray the court to grant me custody of our first child. She can have the other two.

“I promise to give her N10, 000 every month for their upkeep and also pay their school fees as and when due,” the defendant stated.


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