My father’s constipation

constipationMy Father who recently turned 65 has been finding it difficult to move his bowels for some time(due to constipation). I will appreciate your assistance in getting him back to his normal health.

Fola (by SMS)

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Aging often affects bowel regularity by reducing intestinal activity and muscle tone.  In addition, lack of exercise at this age may also lead toconstipation. Constipation is also a side effect of many prescription and over-the-counter drugs.  A diet with very low amount of fibre and fluids but very high amount of fats may also lead to constipation. Fibre absorbs water and causes stools to be larger, softer, and easier to pass. Increasing fibre intake therefore helps cureconstipation in many people. In addition, people who exercise regularly generally don’t develop constipation. It will therefore be advisable for you to encourage your father to increase his fibre and fluid intake and engage in regular exercises in order to tackle theconstipation. He should also be wary of  the indiscriminate use of drugs.



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