L&M Leader of the Month

Dr Yinka Ayefele has been chosen as winner of the October 2019 L&M Leader of the Month Award.

Ayefele demonstrates a very strong leadership trait of empowering others. He has proven that he is a strong leader by his ability to manage the various talents that work with him not just for the benefit of his organization but also for the blossoming of the talents.

Ayefele exemplifies Tom Peters’ axiom that true leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders. By allowing those who he leads to thrive, Ayefele, as an entrepreneur, has created many intrapreneurs, those who are allowed to give vent to their personal dreams while helping him to fan the embers of his own dream. Consequently, Ayefele, who runs a couple of radio stations, has working with him full time broadcasters who are into music production, event management, book publishing and tour packaging, among others.

It takes a great leader not to feel challenged by the success of subordinates.

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Born in Ipoti Ekiti, Ekiti State, Ayefele had his primary and secondary education in his home town before proceeding to Ondo State College of Arts and Science in Ikare Akoko, Ondo State after which he joined the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN), Ibadan as a broadcaster. While at the FRCN, he also produced advert jingles. A road accident, which left him with spinal cord injury, confined him to a wheelchair. The situation spurred him to wax a music album detailing his experience. The song found acceptance in the marketplace and that opened a new vista for him. Since 1998 when his first album was released, Ayefele has been in the limelight as a tungba gospel artiste.

But success in his musical endeavour did not mute his love for broadcasting. He started with an online radio station which later transmuted to Fresh FM, Ibadan. He recently established a station in Ekiti and Ogun states respectively.

Ayefele is a recipient of the national honour, Member of the Order of the Niger (MON) and many other awards.


Nigerian Tribune

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