Living ‘audio’ life


Living Lavida Loca in today’s parlance means living what is called an audio life or simply put, a fake life. And though many women strive and claim to be original and minding their lane, most don’t even know how to be themselves and be comfortable in their skin.

Henry David Thoreau, an American essayist, poet and philosopher once said, “Be yourself, not your idea of what you think somebody else’s idea of yourself should be.” The admonition, be yourself is a common one in today’s society, unfortunately, many people claim to be themselves but rather than find the originality within themselves, they merely aspire to live up to the standard set by others to determine their originality.

Many women have fallen prey to the web of lies spawned by people on social media; they have fallen prey to external influences that push them to do things they normally would not do to impress people they don’t even know just to feel among.

They live life like an actor who, every second on set is scripted to suit a particular audience. They are so engrossed in such lifestyle, imitating celebrities and socialites and acting like one when they actually cannot afford such life. And at every point, they put up a performance to impress people who really do not care, they wear a mask and fake smile and many hide behind a battalion of war paints as makeup.

They live under undue pressure to present a happy, well to do life and consequently wear a mask to hide their true selves. They are the ones that buy audio cars and houses just to feel good.  Can this improve their networth? Do people like this even consider that there is more to life than vague social media hype and Instagram likes or repost? Women are builders; they are supposed to build people and society, touch lives and make a difference. Why then have many lost it? For me, Alhaja Sanni’s statement is a fact that cannot be over emphasised, frivolities on the part of many women is on the extreme.

While it is good for women to dress well and look good, many need to learn the principles of moderation and think of things that will add value to life. Vanity is a vice that has stopped many women from attaining great heights and reaching their potentials. There is a need for women to have a rethink and restrategise because living Lavida Loca is cheating them of becoming who they can be, gender doesn’t reduce intelligence quotient, the problem is that few women utilise it well.

There is a need to grow beyond this trend of fake life in order to reach our potentials, we do not need to fit in and be part of the crowd to be seen as achievers. Even when people hype you for your audio life in your presence, they will make jest of you once your back is turned because after a while, people see through such lives and they don’t admire or respect those that is seen as fake or living audio life.

It is normal to think there are good reasons to live audio life; some claim it is better to fake it until you make it but often, such people are only fooling themselves, at the end of it all, they end up being the losers because masks are dangerous; they don’t merely hide but transform who we are and we lose our originality and core values.

Are you living Lavida Loca? Or you are a wannabe yeyebrity? It is time to look in the mirror and consider if the burden is worth the stress because living a fake life only drives self deception and resentment.

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