Let every day be Valentine’s Day

THIS year’s valentine celebration was adjudged to be the best so far as eateries, shopping malls, restaurants, clubs and recreation centres were flooded with lovers who came to have nice times. Without any doubt, Valentine’s Day is a special day for many lovers. However, valentine had come and gone but lovers should continue to show love to each other on a daily basis. Celebrating love just once in a year is like saying we should have our bath once in a year or carry out other basic health necessities once in a blue moon. Relationship is all about commitment. Sadly, some people believe commitment is only about being faithful, making phone calls or sending text messages. Even the little things that make our relationship stronger are important. Love should be celebrated always in every relationship, whether one is in a courtship or marriage.

Love is not just meant to be confessed but more importantly to be expressed. There are many ways lovers can express love towards one another. No one said we have to do something elaborate before love is celebrated. Even in the little things we do for bae or boo, love should be expressed. Instead of waiting till another Valentine’s Day or their birthdays, why not do things for them every day. Things like:

– Sending a gift card or fruit basket to them.

– Paying Uber to pick them up from work.

– Recharging their phones or paying for their data subscriptions

– Taking them out after a hectic day at work, and so on.

Sincerely, there are a lot of things you can do for them. Just be creative and think out of the box! Make them feel loved even when it’s not their “day. “ These little things we do make the bond stronger. You don’t need to break the bank to do them. You will be surprised at how strong your relationship will become. Don’t ever celebrate love only on a special day, every day is a day to celebrate love. If you love someone, the flowers, cards and gifts should pour in anytime, especially when the other partner least expects them. It’s absurd that some couples only use Valentine’s Day as the time to show love then go back to being complete strangers for the rest of the year. In my opinion, the promoters of Valentine’s Day are people who don’t value the essence of love. Expressing love to someone only on Valentine’s Day is cheesy because very many other people are doing it. What happened to originality? The breakups that happen after Valentine’s Day are so many, that the mere thought of the day saddens someone. If we are going to celebrate love, we should celebrate it every day. The act of giving flowers, cards or gifts only once a year should be stopped. Love should not be celebrated just one day in a year because love is forever.

For those whose lover’s love language is word of affirmation, tell them how much they matter to you. Tell them how beautiful and adorable they look when you are privileged to see their pictures and tell them how much you love them constantly, and to those whose love language is quality time, we should create time for them. We shouldn’t be too busy to spend quality time with them. We should be glad when they have something to tell us and listen attentively to what they have to say. It is only love that is expressed that can really be felt and believed. Now that Valentine is gone, we must keep the flame of love burning and how do we do that? By expressing our love to our loved ones in the little way we can consistently. Only love can sustain love.

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