Killings, kidnappings must stop

KILLINGS and kidnappings have become rampant in our country. People’s lives are of no value, and I keep asking myself how someone can just take the life of his or her fellow human begin without any compunction.
I am scared of killing an arthropod, not to talk of a human begin. Do the killers ever think of heaven?
Two secondary school students standing by the roadside were reportedly kidnapped last week at Liberty Road, Ibadan,, Oyo State.

Only God knows what has happened to those girls, but what surprises me is that the incident occurred in daylight. This means people are no longer safe.
People say “don’t go walking in the midnight for something bad not to happen.” But bad things are now happening during the day. Won’t we go out again?

Will student not go to school again? In fact, this country is changing from bad to worse everyday. Nigerian security agencies, what are you doing? Please, come to our rescue.
Save us from those notorious killers and kidnappers.
The government should provide adequate equipment for the police. We need peace of mind in our country.

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