I’m living my dreams — Senth5

Buddding Nigerian Afro-pop sensation, Senth5 has been getting a lot of media attention in the last six months. The reason for this is not far to seek: he has become one of the most talked about artistes after the successful release of his new song and video. He speaks with SEGUN ADEBAYO about his career and rise to stardom.

How would you describe the music journey over the years?

Well, it has been a mouthful experience. One of my bosses’ famous quote is that one needs to be strong and fully ready for every journey. So, it has been fun. I am enjoying every bit of the journey because it is beginning to pay off. Now, I think I am ready for the big stage where I truly belong. It hasn’t been easy but with God and a family like IMO RECORDz, everything is looking nice. It is not just a record label, but a family home for me and it was God’s plan


Will you truly say you are fulfilling your dreams now?

Yes, I am getting to that point in my career when everything I have worked hard for will turn out fine. Those days, my dream as a kid and till now is for the world to recognise my voice, reach out and connect with people through my sounds. At this point, I can say God has been faithful, so I would say the dream has started to manifest and my fans should expect more from me.


You started your music career with an acapella group, what has become of it now?

When I left secondary school, I proceeded to Federal Polytechnic in Minna, Niger State after which I decided to focus on my career individually and that was how the journey began for me.


How prepared are you for this big move?

I am very prepared and I have always been ready to take over the world. My sound is saucy and soothing.


You seem confident, what makes you think this is the best time for you?

I know I have got a unique sound style, but what gave me that  confidence is the fact that I see God’s hands in everything I do. He has been with me from day one till now. One thing I have learnt in life is staying true one’s self. To be at once the best because you never can tell when the opportunity would present itself. You have to be the original version of yourself always.


You have been getting a lot of attention lately. People are beginning to see you as one artiste they could look up to. What do you think of your career at the moment?

I am thankful and grateful to God. He has been faithful to me. I am grateful to the grandmaster, Mr Mike, the brain behind the record label. I know the expectations from me are high and I am not losing sleep over that. The story has been a life-changing one and I am always working to make every moment count for me and the people I work for. I am going to keep taking each day as it comes.


But your last song does not seem to have enjoyed positive feedbacks from your fans. What do you think is responsible for this?

It was just a song that was meant to introduce me, sound and craft to the world. My fans should sit back and relax for something bigger. I will not disappoint them. That is a promise to them.


Why do they call you SENTH5?

The name means ‘Sent To Music’ The 5 represents music. Like somebody that was sent to sauce music with undying sounds. People will soon understand the meaning of the name.

Tell us about your growing up, how fun was it?

My growing up wasn’t really a good one, especially when you’re like the head of the family; the first son with an Igbo background. I had enormous responsibilities on my shoulders while growing up. I was my dad’s favourite child; he does not joke with my matter. But later, things got bad for the family and it was so hard for the family that there was no one to take of the children. Things were so bad that I had to drop out of school because of hardship. I left school to start hustling to take care of myself and my siblings. Thank God, things are better now and we are telling a different story. It was really tough those days.


So, how did you survive that period?

It was hard coming out of the doldrums. At a point when the hardship got worse, my dad would get mad when I made small money and spent it on an studio sessions. I would record and listen alone at home on empty stomach but that did not stop my father from giving transport fare when I am going to the studio the next day. I am happy that my parents never discouraged me those days. They urged me to keep going. They believed in my dream.


What should your fans be expecting from you now?

I am releasing a new song anytime from now. We have a lot of projects lined up for the people, especially my fans who have stood by me all the years. I won’t let the cat out of the bag yet.