I want to bring more women into politics —Lucy Ajayi

What do you think about low female representation in politics?

I do not think that statement is true. We are coming up. We have had more female appointees, especially under this government. At the last Women’s Day celebration, we had a round table where we talked  about the challenges women  are facing in politics especially when it comes to elective positions. Personally, I do not want to go for an elective position but I still want  to be appointed.


Why don’t you want to go for an elective position?

I do not have the financial muscle to fight it out.


You said women can actually do a lot when it comes to politics. However, you did not take their social roles into consideration. How do you think they can successfully manage their roles as wives, mothers and politicians?

We manage that properly. We do not cook all the day and we do not stay at home all the day. Apportion your time to something and do it. You  just have to put in more time. If you are to sleep by six or seven, you do not sleep until later in the night, because you have to attend to so many issues. But we can still make it because we do it with passion.


What would you say about the insinuation that women misbehave when they occupy top positions?

It is not correct. The truth is that women are principled. Women are goal getters, and we cannot be distracted. Women are loving and considerate people. Most women do not blow their trumpet. They rather allow others do that for them. Women know when to play and when to be serious.

The UN has promised that they are going to work with the women, especially in politics to ensure that there is an increase in the participation of women in politics towards 2023. Do you support that?

Of course. You know I will. But in the roundtable talk we had, we were thinking of how to make women participate more in politics. So, we will embrace that. I will embrace that because I am already in politics, and I want to bring more women into politics.


There are so many atrocious acts in the country, and it is believed that it is as a result  of lack of values. What is your advice to parents bringing up their children?

We should try and bring our children in the way of the Lord. That is what I believe. If you give them godly beginning, they will not deviate from it.


You have just been conferred  with the title :The Yeye Meso of Ado Kingdom. What does this mean to you, especially looking at your ability, all that you have been doing in your community and the APC in general?

It means a whole lot to me. You know I just got one some months ago. I should not be thinking of taking another one. But this added to my profile, and it adds to my CV. The reason why I was given this title is known to everybody. And that is why I am taking it. They are giving me this honour because of the way I have handled the agency. I am an incorruptible public servant, and I have added value to the kingdom. I added  socio-economic value ro my community. That makes a whole lot of sense to me. That is my mandate. So, they just told me indirectly that I have achieved my mandate. Some said I have surpassed my mandate. And, that means a lot to me.


You once had Yeye Oge and this is Yeye Meso. What is the difference between Yeye Meso and Yeye Oge? And what does it add to your status?

The addition is that I have the two of them. But, they are almost the same thing. The Beautiful Mother of the Kingdom. They have added more to my status. I think the two are almost the same.


As the Yeye Oge, are there plans of bringing up beauty pageants?

That is not what it is. It is about inner beauty not physical beauty. It means that one  has impacted on so many lives and has added  value to the community. So it is inner  and not physical beauty.