How Malaika settled Pasuma, Osupa’s feud

The age-long supremacy battle between two Fuji musicians, Pasuma and Shaeed Osupa may have been laid to rest following the intervention of another Fuji star, Sulaimon Alao, popularly known asKs1-Malaika.

The reunion happened penultimate weekend at the 2019 Malaika Alayeluwa Fans’ Club Ramadan lecture and prayer that took place at Batola Car Park, Marina, Lagos Island.

Sheik Muyideen Bello, who was the guest speaker at the 13th edition of the annual Ramadan lecture said fans of the two Fuji stars contributed largely to the feud, urging them to embrace peace and move on in the spirit of Ramadan.

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According to the Islamic cleric, fans of musicians should learn how to tread softy when they are trying to show their love for their favourite artistes.

He insisted that they could love their favourite stars without putting unnecessary pressure on whoever they admired.

“I must let you all know that your fans are the genesis of the problem between the two of you- Pasuma and Osupa. Your overzealous fans put you under pressure and give you the feeling that you are better than your colleague. This is very sad as Muslims. We have been waiting for this opportunity to come. Pasuma and Osupa have to settle their prolonged fight. This is month of Ramadan. We have to forgive ourselves. That is what Quran preaches,” he said.

Malaika who is also called Qibla fuji music urged his friends to remain united and shun actions that could tear the Fuji family apart.