He spends his income on a lottery called Baba Ijebu, but has never won —Wife

•She wants divorce ’cos she is carrying another man’s pregnancy —Husband

A woman, Fisayo Akigbua has pleaded before the Oja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State that her 19-year-old marriage to Abiodun Akigbua be dissolved.

Fisayo who dragged her husband, Abiodun before the court, explained that he had consistently shirked his responsibilities towards her and their four children.

According to the plaintiff, her husband preferred to spend his income on lottery but unfortunately he never won.

She further stated that he denied responsibility of their last child’s pregnancy.

She entreated the court if her prayer of divorce was answered, to grant her custody of their four children so that she could give them proper attention.

Abiodun finally agreed to divorce after he failed to make up with his wife when given the opportunity to settle their differences out of court.

The defendant explaining to the court why he didn’t want divorce said what he wanted was that he and his wife joined hands together in raising their children.

Abiodun further stated that he never starved his family of food. According to him, he was the one doing most of the shopping for his home.

Shedding light on one of the causes for the strain in their relationship, he told the court Fisayo had an affair with one of their neighbours who constantly mocked him.

The court president, Chief Ademola Odunade giving his judgment declared their marriage dissolved.

He handed their first child to the defendant for care and the other three to the plaintiff. He instructed the defendant to be responsible for their welfare.

According to Odunade, the defendant must give the plaintiff N15, 000 every month for the upkeep of their children while he should also be responsible for their education and health care.

“My lord, the union between Abiodun and me no longer exist. What I have come to do in court today is to make our divorce official.

“I suffered greatly in Abiodun’s hand and decided to move out of his house when I could no longer bear with the way he was maltreating me any longer.

“I was the one running the home for almost all the years we were married. I worked tirelessly to ensure I cover up his lapses.

“He hardly left money for food and when returning home from work, he would buy just a loaf of bread as supper for the whole family.

“He never returned home earlier than 9:00 p.m when our children were already in bed. They went to bed on many occasions with empty stomachs.

“Abiodun always claim he had no money because he spent his income on lottery. Anytime I checked his pocket I would find lottery tickets there.

“The unfortunate thing was that he never won. I advised him times without number to desist from this practice but he refused to change, “Fisayo said.

“Abiodun was in the habit of borrowing money from me but would never pay me back. Each time I asked for a refund he would go irate, curse and fight me. I was advised by one of our neighbours who was tired of mediating in our differences to stop lending him money.

“He didn’t give a dime when our first child got admission into the higher institution.  It was my family members who came to our aid by paying his school fees and also provided him with some necessities.

“My lord, Abiodun initially denied responsibility of the pregnancy of our last child but the issue was later resolved by our family members.

“I was always responsible for the purchase of baby items for our children while he would insist that we serve our guests during our children’s naming ceremony biscuits.

“I insisted on entertaining our guests during our last child’s naming ceremony with good food. Abiodun provided only ice block and pure water, “she added.

“I went to Lagos to work so that our children would not die of hunger. I learnt while there that our children had stopped schooling because he couldn’t afford their fees.

“Also, he was giving four of them just N100 for food daily.

“I withdrew all I saved while in Lagos, returned home and paid our children’s school fees.

“A few days after this, I was shocked to discover that our female children who were already above the age of 10 were not wearing pants. They told me their father said he couldn’t afford it.

“My lord, I’m tired of eating from hand to mouth. I desire to live a better life.  I, therefore, appeal to this court to rule that we are no longer husband and wife.

“I also pray that our children be handed over to me. They need my motherly care, “the plaintiff stated.

Abiodun testifying said, “My lord, three out of our four children are here in the court. If they are allowed to talk they will refute all that their mother had said.

“Fisayo wants divorce simply because she has moved into another man’s house and is carrying his pregnancy.

“I’m a responsible husband and loving father. I did the shopping for my family almost all the time.

“Fisayo abandoned me and our children for eight months. She went to Lagos against my wish.

“Before Fisayo left, she dated one of our neigbhours who didn’t hide his affair with her from me. He was always mocking me.

“It is true I borrow money from her but I always do a refund.

“My lot has improved since Fisayo left. I have bought another bicycle through hire purchase and I’m through with the payment.

“I pleaded with her to return home so that we could both join hands in raising our children. I went as far as prostrating for her but she remained adamant.

“I sought that her mother help me appeal to her but her mother told me it was too late.

“I later learnt she is carrying another man’s pregnancy and had moved into his house.

“Our children have been sad since they heard this and have been pleading with me not to take another wife. According to them, if I do, they would suffer in her hands, “Abiodun concluded.




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