Harmattan has driven our customers away, Kano sex workers lament

COMMERCIAL sex workers are disturbed over the harsh weather condition in Kano State.

The sex workers said harmattan has drastically forced most of their “love customers” to stay indoors while preventing the customers from patronising them again.

Some of the commercial sex workers who spoke to Tribune Online said that the harsh weather condition has reduced normal sales they used to get when the weather was comfortable.

One them, Blessing O who hails from Benue State told the Tribune Online at Enugu road in Ssbongari that unlike before there was harmattan she realises between N8000 and N10000 from short time services.

However, she noted that this excludes earnings from TDB (till daybreak) customers who would sleep till following day adding that “I may get between N5,000 and N10,000 depending on the quality of man that would engage me for TBD.

“But it has been pathetic since the coming of harmattan. My take-home from shot time is now between N4000 and N6000 while I hardly got TBD.”

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Another worker who met Tribune Online at Abbedie also in Sabongari, Funke The Queen, said, “it is very difficult for most of her mates in the hotel to pay normal rent of N2,000 to the owner of the hotel.

“In order to still be in the business, I decided to pair with one of my friends so as to jointly pay for the room pending the time the harmattan will go.

“Because, for now, I only make sales of N5000 per day and out of this amount I will eat and pay the doctor that administers us whenever we contract sexually transmitted diseases.

For Jumai Ibrahim who was at Warri road when Tribune Online, she said “the father of my child is no longer coming to me because of this business. He ran away. Few customers that used to assist me are nowhere to be found due to the prevailing harsh condition of harmattan.

“The worried aspect of it all is that the few men that were around, instead of patronising us, they can be seen entering into taverns where alcoholic drinks are being sold,” she said.

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