Group plans protests over state of economy

Civil society groups in the country have threatened to stage mass protests if the federal  and state governments fail to address the dwindling state of the economy, both at the federal and state levels.

Making this declaration in Lagos  recently in an  interview with Saturday Tribune, the national co-ordinator of Coalition of Civil Societies and Movement for Good Governance, Comrade Ajibade Oyayeye, stated that though the incumbent government at the centre had made significant impact in the area of fighting corruption, it had become imperative for it to come up with policies that would bring smiles to the faces of the average Nigerian.

According to him, Nigerians expect more from the federal and state governments than they are currently getting, noting that plans are under way from the civil society to organise mass protests against the seeming nonperformance.

He described as “shameful” the situation, where, despite the failure of some states in the federation to pay their workers’ salaries, they still embarked on white elephants that were not of any significant value to their citizenry.

“Our first plan now is to embark on protests in those states of the federation that have not been able to pay their workers’ salaries for months, as a way of sympathising with these people.

“This has become imperative because despite the failure of these states to pay those stipends for their workers, governors in these states have continued to draw their emoluments in form of security votes, allowances and even salaries, irrespective of the states of the economy of these states.

“We will also take to the streets to protest if the Federal Government fails to up its game; since it is obvious that majority of Nigerians are suffering from the harsh economic policies of the present government,” he stated.

Comrade  Oyayeye also hinted at plans by the civil society groups to revisit the issue of fuel price hike, stating that  this has become imperative since  the Federal Government had not really convinced the people on how it arrived at the new  fuel prices.

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