Gospel artistes need more endorsements and visibility — Sister Wisdom

Known as Sister Wisdom in Gospel circles, Toyin ‘Wisdom’ Igbafen is one of the fastest rising music ministers of the word in Nigeria. Having many hit tracks like ‘So Amazing’ featuring Cobahms, ‘Overwhelmed’ with Isreal Strong, ‘In the name of Jesus’, ‘Vibes featuring Martin PK, ‘Caramelo’ among others. In this interview by ROTIMI IGE, she talks about her music, new EP and gospel music industry in general.

Who is Sister Wisdom and how did you get into music?

Sister Wisdom is an alternative Christian singer, song writer and creative entrepreneur. I started singing professionally from 2015. My family background is a major influence because my mother sings. My family members also sing and my father loves music.

So, it’s a case of the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. So, started my journey in 2015 and that was when I released my debut single ‘Beautiful’ and also ministered at my first event, the ‘Derizo’ concert by LMAM, which had the likes of Sinach, Frank Edwards, Eben etc.

What distinguishes Sister Wisdom from other gospel musicians?

Christianity is personal because it’s mainly your personal relationship with God, so I would say my path is different and my calling is also different. There is basically no basis for comparison, everyone should follow their path and be the best at what they are called to do.

Since your debut, what has been your inspiration?

God has been my number one inspiration. Beyond the numbers, fame etc, what drives me is that I know I have a mission and a vision and it keeps me awake and motivated. I also love music, it’s my happy place. So, it’s a match made in heaven for me.

Can you take us through the inspirational process of your recently released EP, ‘Blooming Branch’?

The EP, ‘Blooming Branch’s’ creation process was lovely. We created seven magical records; I knew the producer I wanted to work with so I put a call through to Texjam, who produced four of the tracks. He came in from Port Harcourt and we created magic.

I also worked with my younger brother, ‘Borngreat’ on the track ‘Count on me’ for the first time and the sound we created was amazing. Of course, I have a beautiful connection with ‘Ditweeni’ and we worked on the track ‘Colours’. When we create, it’s always beautiful. The experience is everything.

What would you say are the major challenges Gospel music artistes face in Nigeria?

Gospel music artistes are doing well as far as I know, but we may be lacking probably in the aspect of endorsements and promotion. Gospel artistes need more endorsements and visibility.

After ‘Blooming Branch’, what is next for Sister Wisdom?

I will be releasing the visuals to all the tracks and then the deluxe version of the body of work, which has already been in the works.

In your opinion, how has the gospel music industry fared so far in Nigeria?

The industry is growing and new generations are emerging and have taken the digital space. So, I think the trajectory is looking great.

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