Feminism today

Feminist movement have campaigned and continued to campaign for women’s right including the right to vote, hold public office, work for equal pay, right to education, have maternity leave and equal rights within marriage. The nature of feminism that women are agitating in this generation has moved from a contest of seeking superiority to the perspective of equity and equality.

Feminism is the belief that men and women should have equal right and opportunities; this means that women should have every right a man has not that they should be superior to men like the one we see women agitating for.

Some scholars consider feminist campaigns to be a force behind major historical societal changes for women’s right but the question is do female of this generation know that feminism preaches justice, impartiality and not power tussle nor superiority?

This version of feminism cause more damages to the camp of women, the struggle of power with men can’t be achieved easily. The woman out there should prepare for bad days because nature won’t be fair all days

The today movement is of quantity than quality which makes it difficult for women to come to the front stage of the politics, let women prepare themselves intellectually, financially and most importantly morally in order for the entire world to trust them with power.


Oluwaseun Felix Ajayi



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