Why decent housing will stop incessant disease outbreaks in Nigeria

A certain medical doctor, Dr. Chibuzor Odega, has argued that making decent housing affordable and compulsory for all Nigerians would stall the death and devastation of continued disease outbreaks being experienced in the country.

This is as he revealed that his foray into real estate was to make salubrious housing estates available for low income earners through a simple mortgage system.

Speaking during a press conferences held in Lagos on Thursday, Odega, who is now the Chief Executive Officer, C-Pearl Estates, explained how incessant disease outbreaks in the country emanate from poor and unhealthy living environment, adding that the country would be in better state of health if the greatest number of her citizens lived in decent, yet affordable houses.

“When you hear of disease outbreaks such as Lassa fever, cholera, fibrile fever, Monkeypox,” Odega said to, “look at the environment these diseases originate from. It is always dirty, backward, insalubrious and poorly structured architecturally.

“This is because the mode of transmission is faster in dirty environments and bad buildings than in neater and decent living conditions. And most Nigerians cannot afford to live in a serene environment; so how do we bridge the gaps for these people. Where do we go?

“This was why I left medical practice for real estate. My coming into real estate is to bridge this gap, to make decent houses affordable to low income earners, and we are starting off with Lagos and Delta States” he disclosed.

“If most Nigerians live in healthy environments, most disease outbreaks erupting from different quarters of the country will be a thing of the past,” he also submitted.

Located at a highbrow property neighbouring the proposed site for the Lekki international airport, C-Pearl Estates, according to the medical-expert-turned-real- estate-manager, would operate a prorate system of payment based on the financial strength of buyers.

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