Complexion: Dermatologist cautions against use of intravenous glutathione

Dr Olorunmaye Michael, an Abuja-based Dermatologist, has cautioned against the use of intravenous Glutathione for skin lightening because of its numerous side effects.

Michael said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), on Wednesday in Abuja.

Glutathione is a natural substance produced by the human liver, with many benefits when it comes to the human body and crucial for maintaining the immune system.

Glutathione also plays an important role in inflammation control, acts as a detoxifier for the body and helps to recycle other antioxidants in the body by destroying free radicals.

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The dermatologist said that the use of glutathione had become common in beauty salons and spas in the country, mostly by women to lighten their skin, enhance or change the shape of some of their body parts.

He, however, added that there had been reports of people suffering from severe skin disorders after taking intravenous glutathione for one reason or the other.

He said “some people have also reported impairment of thyroid function and dysfunctioning of the kidneys.

“Some countries have banned the use of intravenous glutathione for skin lightening, while other countries approve it for treatment of few medical conditions.

“However, there are numerous glutathione pills in the market and people take it for different reasons.”

He disclosed that some people take glutathione to treat weakened immune systems or infertility, as well as many other conditions.

Micheal added that taking glutathione for a long time had been linked to lower zinc levels in persons, and could trigger asthma attacks in people who have asthma.

He, therefore, cautioned against its use without doctor’s advice and those who use it to find out about its side effects and other health implications