Clinical corruption will make this house fall

Corruption is a drug, Nigeria is the clinic and its citizens are the pharmacists. It is paramount to know that the whole nation is presently in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of theft. Corruption is in its fatal stage, and soon, this house will fall. Corruption is a drug we take any time we are slightly indisposed, anytime we want to satiate our hunger as money mongers

Nigeria is a house of hunger where every morsel of sanity is snatched away from you. Trying to be different can sap away one’s energy. The best investment in Nigeria is corruption because it’s easy and profitable, both young and old are savouring its sourness. Apart from the fact that Nigeria’s ruling class have stolen the equivalent of another nation’s economy, it’s no more a news to know that they have also pilfered the national treasury to the last penny. All of these has made it impossible for Nigeria to succeed.

A good example of a failed state is Nigeria. Chinua Achebe put it so succinct in his book, ” The Trouble with Nigeria.” A failed state is one that is unable to perform its duties on several levels: when violence cascades into an all-out internal war, when standards of living massively deteriorate, when the infrastructure of ordinary life decays, and when the greed of rulers overwhelms their responsibilities to better their people and their surroundings.  What do we see happen today? The canal leaders have failed in every possible way.

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Corruption and unaccountability are twins, inseparable. It will surprise you as a reader if I put it to you that it’s corruption that birthed terrorism and militancy in Nigeria. Economic fall and deprivation made an increase in social inequities which later resulted into political instability, tribal and religious wars,  mischief-makers use that opportunity to fuel people’s anger towards the government which thus result into terrorism.

Corruption is the DNA of every Nigerian, we console ourselves by pointing all fingers of blame on the government for not providing good governance but we ourselves forgot our national heritage which has ruined our national monuments. We sold our vote for stipends during elections, got rich for weeks and now we are broke because we think money matters more than humanities. Our mental health has been forsaken for criminality. The pastor, imam and traditionalist keep preaching revival, fasting and prayer to us while we turned a blind eye to our way out.

Every man should be accountable, for his assets, worth and every other thing. Any Nigerian that can not account for his assets is a potential criminal. But if those at the helm of affairs; people running the country are the one who selects who should be probed or not, clearly we know this is no more democracy and people no longer respect the rule of law.  We, as the citizens should also banish the act of Indiscipline and mediocrity. By this, we can grow and have a corruption-free environment through a peaceful, democratic process. Without this, this house will fall.

Gbadegesin Samuel I.

Blogger/ Political Analysts

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