Cleric unveils book on corruption

A book highlighting the adverse effects of corruption on the Nigerian society entitled To The rescue (Say No to Corruption), written by Canada-based Nigerian cleric, Pastor Amos Dele Dada has been launched in Lagos.

Speaking at the event, which also served as the launch of his Say No to Corruption Movement in Nigeria, Dada, who holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering and pastors Christ Apostolic Church, Bethel parish, Toronto, Canada, said that corruption was stunting Nigeria’s growth.

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He said, “Nigeria has the potential to be great, and I am of the school of thought that it shall be great. In making this nation great, I believe there are so many questions we can ask, the two that I consider most relevant and appropriate are how did we get to this state of disrepair and how can we repair our nation?

“I do not want to bore you on how we got here, because I know we all know it and if there is one word in my opinion that is responsible for our decadence and failure as a nation, it is the word corruption. And therefore, the solution is simple, eliminate or reduce fraud.

“To be fair to ourselves, there is no nation without corrupt people. Human beings have the propensity to be corrupt; no nation is born a saint. But nations can identify their locusts and cankerworms and deal with them. Nigeria has to do this. In as much as we use judiciary manipulations, tribal sentiments, lack of political will, and refuse to deal with corruption and corrupters, we are only rubbing pepper on our sores, and it will continue to hurt us.”

Dada, who called for the establishment of special courts to fast-track corruption cases also recommended teaching the youth about the dangers of corruption and why they should avoid it.

He further described the novel as fiction written in the language of youth and that “it is to educate people on the dangers of excessive materialism and the ‘get rich quick’ culture. It also shows the effect of poverty and how that feeds corruption and vice versa. It highlights the need for more job creation with better remuneration. The need for rulers to be mindful of the masses. The need to raise a new generation of good citizens, eagle, minded citizens, nation developers, erudite leaders, and people of vision, honesty and integrity. Nigeria and Nigerians are tired of chicken minded rulers!”

Dada added that “it is my opinion that if we can get this book into the hands of the younger generation in their schools as a literature book; it will give them ideas about what they should not get into in the future, that is, corrupt practices.”

Present at the event were Canadian friends of the author including Dr Myrna Etheridge, Pastor Charles Thomas, Bishop Golden Darrell and a representative of the youth, Adedamola Alonge.

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