Campaigning against corruption in Nigeria

CORRUPTION is the act of exhibiting dishonest and illegal behaviors. It is the impairment of integrity, value and moral principles. Nigeria has battled with the menace of corruption for decades which has impeded her development greatly. Corrupt practices are exhibited by the highs and lows of our society. Politicians, government officials, government and private workers, union leaders, students, security personnel, and many others are involved in one corrupt act or the other. If we must kill corruption in Nigeria, it is a collective responsibility; all hands must be on deck. The awareness must start from every household because charity begins at home. In a situation whereby the executive members of a departmental association in a university embezzle students annual dues to the tune of N700,000, one can only imagine what such students would perpetrate if they get to higher positions of authority.

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We must create an awareness that resonates for a very long time in the minds of the citizens. An awareness that echoes through the Nigerian polity and is sung in many local languages; husbands must be honest in dealing with their wives, parents must be thorough in dealing with their children and they must be good examples. Transparency and accountability must be instilled in children in words and in deeds.

When the small family circles are cleansed from corruption, then the larger community will definitely key into the initiative. There won’t be indiscriminate dumping of refuse in the streets, national properties will be preserved, workers will be punctual at work, school teachers will not abscond from classes, students will not cheat in examinations, police officers and government officials will not give or take bribe. In short, our society will be in order.

As part of the awareness, anti-corruption clubs should be established in our schools starting from secondary level to the tertiary level. This will help shape the moral standing of youths and societal expectations from them will be held with uttermost sacredness. If corruption must be killed in Nigeria, the time is now.

  • Ishola Akintunde,

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