BTM unveils new travel management brand

Business Travel Management Ltd. (BTM) has announced partnership with CWT (formerly Carlson Wagonlit Travel), the business-to-business-for-employees (B2B4E) travel management platform.

Operating under the CWT brand in Nigeria, the company aims to elevate the standard of travel management in the region and, by partnering with a global B2B4E travel management platform; BTM will bring further focus and cohesion to positively impact the continent, enhancing value and service delivery levels.

Amongst the long-term goals of the partnership between BTM and CWT is for Business Travel Management Ltd to encourage corporate brands in Nigeria to improve the efficiency of their travel programme and experience truly professional, open and honest travel services.

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Business Travel Management (BTM) Limited predecessor travel management company which started in 1979, in 1998 joined a global travel group which evolved in 2006 to specialise in corporate travel and pushed the envelope for Managed Travel in the region.

Benefits to be derived from representing the CWT brand in Nigeria include ability of BTM to deliver a global standard of service, travel technology and efficiencies, locally.

Following the latest development, BTM continues to be the pace setter for travel technology in the region as it will now have the ability to provide enhanced customer advice and services without compromising on ethics.

According to the Managing Director of CWT in Nigeria (owned and operated by Business Travel Management Limited), Lola Adefoope, “we will continue to operate in a developing market and improving industry standards with the support of a Globally Dominant Partner with sustainable business methodology.”

BTM has earned a reputation as a ‘one stop shop’ for everything travel related. Our core focus and strength being the provision of excellent corporate travel services to our clients, for over 20 years of being in existence.  BTM has been an ISO certified company since 2008.

“Our Management team consists of the most experienced travel professionals, especially as BTM is a member of the GHI Assets Group of companies (airline representatives and travel management specialists). The travel business is now in its third generation with staff strength of close to 200. BTM has operations in Nigeria and Angola.”

Commenting on the partnership, CWT’s Vice President of Global Partners Network, Francisco Nunez declared: “Nigeria has a rich cultural and economic heritage, especially in natural resources, and corporate travel is a key facilitator of industry here. With BTM, we would like to build on our long-standing reputation for successful travel delivery in the country, and want our brand to be as synonymous with corporate travel as Zuma Rock is with Nigeria”.

For the founder and Chairman of BTM, Olufemi Adefooe: “The evolution of the travel industry is inevitable. With technology underpinning everyday life it is obvious that corporate travelers are going to want the same efficiencies in their Travel Programme that they get in their every day life. Partnering with CWT in Nigeria allows our company to bring new travel technology and ideas to the table. This partnership allows Business Travel Management Limited to remain at the forefront of Travel Technology in the region”.

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