Book review: When patience is a virtue

A review of Hajara Sulaiman Ayagi’s book, The Price of Patience.

The Price of Patience by a secondary school student of the Federal Government Girls’ College, Kazaure, Jigawa State, focuses on virtues and the girl-child education.

The 24-page children’s book tells the story of an orphan who is left in the care of her stepmother.

‘The Price of Patience’ conveys a theme of neglect, victimisation and wickedness. However, through destiny, the subject, Fatima, is able to overcome the challenges.

The book details how Fatima’s mother dies mysteriously, while she is just four years of age.

Her father’s whereabouts then makes Fatima a orphan, who is left at the mercy of her stepmother, Ladi, and stepsister, Talatu.

However, instead of being shown love, Fatima is turned into a domestic slave.

However, despite all the challenges, Fatima is emboldened to work harder, both at home and in her studies.

Even when she suspends her education when she has no one willing to assist her, she keeps working hard until she returns to school.

Prior to returning to school, Fatima’s fortune of destiny opens while conveying water from the stream that passes across hamlets.

On her way back, Fatima meets a young prince who disguises like a destitute after falling and breaking her stepmother’s water pot.

The prince offers to help her and Fatima, who feels she has a new friend, tells him her story.

That is how Fatima’s fortunes change through the prince, who finally marries her.

The book conveys the message of hope through determination.

Fatima, in her educational pursuit, finally becomes a medical doctor.

One of the most important lessons in the book is for one not to give up on one’s dreams despite the challenges one is facing in life.