Attempt to re-introduce RUGA system will amount to constitutional crisis ― Ayo Adebanjo

An Elder statesman and Afenifere Leader, Pa Ayo Adebanjo has said that any attempt on the part of the Federal Government to re-introduce RUGA system in the country would amount to a constitutional crisis.

Pa Ayo, who spoke to Tribune Online via the telephone, said that only the State Governors have the constitutional right to do that under the land decree.

He stated this while reacting to a statement by the Senior Special Assistant to President on Media and Publicity, Mr
Garba Shehu, titled “President Buhari: Farmers will reap benefits of our policies,” said the Federal Government would be working with state governments to rediscover the lost grazing routes and reserves across the country as part of measures to end farmers and herders’ clashes.

The statement read, “The president told the meeting that he had charged his ministers of agriculture to work with the states to rediscover the lost animal grazing routes and reserves as a means to ending the frequent outbreaks of violence between farmers and herders.

The Elder statesman noted that the reiterated that the move must have scaled through the scrutiny of the legislative arm of it is going to be anything to go by while reiterating the need for restructuring of the country.

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“We know. It is only those who are stubborn will not know. All we are saying is that has he got the constitutional rights to do so? It is just going to cause a constitutional crisis.

“Under the land use decree, he cannot. The Governor of the state has power. When we say the man is desperate to rule as a dictator, Nigerians thought we are joking.

“All he is doing now is the plan made under the military regime by the section of the country controlling the country. That is why we are doing all the hue and cry. He is imposing a constitution written by some section of the country for the country.

“This is not our constitution but an imposed constitution. Unless they restructure the country now, the country will break. He is being defiant. He cannot get that done solely because it has to pass through the Legislative Arm. Secondly, he has to change the constitution,” he said.

While explaining the form of restructuring the country should take, the Afenifere leader emphasized true Federalism and the agreed constitution of the founding fathers of the country.

“So, when we are talking about restructuring, people don’t understand. We are saying go back to true Federalism, go back to the constitution the founding fathers agreed on before Independence and I could mention the constitution agreed to by Sarduana, Awolowo, Azikwe, Balewa.

“We cannot deny it because the constitution we use now is imposed on us by the Military in 1966. It is a military constitution. That is why he is allowing the Fulani herdsmen going to the nook and crannies of the south armed” Adebanjo stated.


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