Are sex toys safe?

I am a single mother who is not interested in any relationship for now. In order to handle my sexual urges, some of my friends have asked me to try some sex toys which are shaped in the form of a penis to relieve myself.  However, I am scared. I want to know if such devices are safe and if it is okay for me to try them

Queen (by SMS)

Even though some of the sex toys in the market have been certified to be safe by their manufacturers, the decision to use such devices has to be weighed against a number of other issues. When sex toys are shared, they can transmit infections if not properly cleaned. Other issues include your religious views on masturbation, emotional maturity as well as the possibilities of an addiction to masturbation in place of a real relationship. Once you have carefully weighed these points, you can then take your position on whether or not to use the sex toys.