APC chieftain petitions Edo CJ, seeks removal of magistrate handling case

A CHIEFTAIN of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Edo State, Comrade Osahon Imaro has petitioned the Chief Judge of Edo State, seeking the removal of Magistrate A.P Saiki from his suit over alleged impunity and indecent handling of the case.

In suit NO. MOR/176C/19: C.O.P vs Charles Eghaghe, and dated November 15, 2019, the petitioner who was docked for assault and conspiracy accused the trial magistrate of delaying for four months before delivering a ruling on a simple amendment to murder.

Imaro said: “I make bold to say that there are some magistrates that have an impeccable degree of integrity. Such magistrates are known to the judge and I will be very pleased if my complaint is referred to such Magistrates.”

According to Imaro, the letter “was borne out of the fact that a simple ruling for an amendment of a charge took almost four months.”

He explained that he had written a protest letter to the Chief magistrate 1 (CM1) over the matter during which Magistrate Saike steered clear and made an order remitting the charge to the Chief Magistrate 1 for reassignment.

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“During this period, I applied to the office of the Attorney-General for a fiat which was granted.

“But in one of our visits to court, the CM1 through the court registrar informed my lawyer that the matter is referred back to Saiki.

“Our lawyer wrote to the office of the CJ also asking for a transfer of the case, but he has not given desired attention.

“But the one purportedly written by the defence counsel has been promptly responded to by the office of the CJ,” he stated.

He continued: “Despite the prosecutor’s pending letter, Magistrate Saiki hurriedly delivered a ruling which was pending for five months and dismissed the application for amendment.

“Shortly after the ruling, Saiki went further to ask for the adoption of address. The prosecution then pleaded for time to respond as he needed to apply for a record of the proceeding.

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