How to add the Christmas look

A touch of red, green, white or gold will be the in-thing for many fashionistas as the day breaks into a beautiful Christmas morning tomorrow. With the bold Christmas colours comes a tendency to lean a little towards the bold look. However, care must be taken to avoid an overall clowning effect. Makeover offers a few makeup ideas to get your creative freak on this Christmas:


Nude lips

The trick to working with nude lip makeup is to create the effect of not wearing lip makeup to the ordinary eye. However, the effect is to work with the natural lip colour, preferably creating a glossy finish. Nude lips work well with bold eye makeup and outfits.


Dark green eyes

Green is one of the major colours for this season, so you’re at an advantage if you know your way around this makeup colour, be it eyeshadow or glitter. Depending on how bold you want this look to come off, it’s better presented when used on the eyes, especially working around something a little on the smokey line. Combine effectively with ash, gold or grey eye makeup for the wow effect.


Bold red lips

Whether the matte or gloss version, bold red lips are rarely a fail for many women, provided the application is just right. However, it is important to note that when you choose to go bold on the other parts of the face just as the lips, bring everything into beautiful balance, so you don’t make a mess of your face and end up with over-kill. For best results, prepare your lips by moisturising appropriately before applying makeup. Also endeavour to work with original products so you can maintain the look for as long as necessary. If you go the matte way, remember that the weather is on the dry side and you might experience cracks on the lips which would ruin the overall look of the makeup. As such, seek expert opinion on application before working with this look. The beauty of bold red lips comes from a mix of creativity, expert application and the perfect pout.


Glittered… almost everything

Shiny objects form an important part of the festive season and now, more than ever, is the time to show off your dazzling side. Glitter up your eyes with silver, gold or even green to light up your face. Glittered lips are also not a bad idea to work with, especially if you’re going for a glossy lip finish. Make the year count in twinkles. Who says stars are the only ones born to shine?


Flaunt your natural self

With all the rave about the benefits of growing natural hair, and many ladies buying into the trend, now may just be the perfect season to flaunt your natural hair. Even if your hair hasn’t reached an appreciable length, you can work with natural hair extensions readily available in the hair market to boost volume. Natural look has a way of giving a woman that innocent, yet uniquely sensual look. It’s a win everytime.


P.S. And remember to work beyond the face. However beautiful the makeup, the point is lost if the entire look doesn’t balance out appropriately. Depending on the event of your choosing, let your outfit, accessories also speak volumes. Christmas is the time to create beautiful memories. Don’t be left out in enjoying the joy of the season.

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