Achieving synergy between the executive and legislature

heroes, change, law, Nigeria, reformationThe offices of the Senate President, Deputy Senate President, Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly should be occupied by lawmakers who are members of the ruling party. The constitution should be amended in favour of this. The idea is to encourage the elected president to enjoy smooth governance and cooperation of the National Assembly devoid of hindrance or sabotage.

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The experience now is counterproductive and a threat to good governance, tolerance, peace, understanding and agreement. As things stand, the leadership of the National Assembly belongs to the main opposition party and the frosty relationship between the executive and the legislature has not been in the interest of the nation. The government is in place to serve the people and should not be sacrificed on the altar of politics. It is clearly a fight of ego and this is affecting the smooth running of governance, formulation and implementation of policies. We must do all within our power to ensure that the leaderships of the executive and legislature should be guided by the interest of the nation.

Mohammed Bagudu, 08104843725