A serious clash awaits you in the days to come

On the condition that you do not do anything about what I am sharing with you at this instance, a serious clash awaits you in the days to come. I spoke heavily on this at the just concluded “Business-Frontier Advanced-Class” that lasted for two  days at Ikeja in Lagos State, Nigeria, West Africa. It was an awe-inspiring time, impacting positively on the future of Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

On the 24th and 25th May, 2019, some pick business men and women gathered and their eyes were opened to how they can strategically build rock-solid businesses in our clime, having millionaire status, rank and class. After the mentioned business training, it was evident to all that they would need to adopt Ambassador Ademola Adeoye as their business coach. Remember, no one becomes successful without having someone superior he or she submits to. As an effect of this, if you are interested in this, kindly send me a mail on: worldclassimpact2014@yahoo.com. This is only for the serious minded ones.

It is only entrepreneurs in this clime who do not have coaches, but desire to become successful. The truth is; it is impossible to become successful in both business and life without being accountable to at least one person, who is ahead of you in both—life and business. There is no talented basketballer, footballer or sprinter who does not have at least a coach. Even Usain Bolt has a coach! It is impossible for you to become successful without having a coach you would be accountable to.

The platform you would need for the kind of visibility that will strategically position you for high finances will not be yours. It will belong to someone who is ahead of you. Also, there is nothing you are trying to do that has not been done before. And there is no door that you are trying to open that some people have not been going through for years. Also, there is nothing you want to know that some people do not already know. This is what makes having a coach non-negotiable and very important!

Strolling out of the room of the issue of having a personal coach, let me quickly say to you that a great clash awaits you in the days to come if what is bringing you money today is outside the confines of your talent, area of strength and power-slot. The day you discover and locate your own power-slot, what you are doing right now will clash with what brings you joy and fulfillment in the days to come. Remember, there is a huge difference between being successful and being fulfilled. You can have money and not know the joy (and happiness) that being in one’s power-slot brings.

The reason I am sharing this with you is because I do not want you to become aged before realizing what I am teaching you right now. I have met with far too many people who are doing very well on the inside of their places of work, but they are not happy and fulfilled. They have money and what money can buy, but they consistently feel a vacuum in them that money and what money can buy cannot fill. Take for instance, I feel very happy, energized and fulfilled every day, because I am in my power-slot. You too can also feel like me if you will locate your own power-slot. If you do not know how, kindly talk to me and professionally, I shall help you out.

How do you know you are on the inside of your own power-slot? One of the strong evidences is the presence of inspiration. If you do not have an access to inspiration in your field of business, it means you are yet to locate your own field. Inspiration is what makes you become outstanding in your own field. Inspiration gives you an edge over those who have access to information alone. A man or woman—who has an access to inspiration is capable of birthing and creating new knowledge.

In your own power-slot, you can solve problems, switching to the realm of inspiration. You can be inspired to build systems and structures through the medium of inspiration. This can only happen to you in your own field, not in another man’s field. There are far too many people on earth today who are laboring in another man’s field!

How do you know you are laboring in another man’s field? It is when you love Fridays more than Mondays. To a man who is laboring in his own field, Fridays and Mondays are the same. To a man who is in his own power-slot, he is happy waking up every day. Remember, you do not get tired doing what brings you joy and fulfillment. This is the way I do feel every day I climb out of my bed.

Take for instance; when banking is your own power-slot, when others are complaining, you would just be happy doing what you are doing. Most bankers love Fridays, hating Mondays! They are making money, but they are not happy and fulfilled. If you happen to be in this category, in the days to come, when you locate your own power-slot, it will clash with banking and it will end up pulling you out of it.

The scariest aspect of what I am teaching you right now is that many people would die without tasting the joy of working in their own fields. They would never experience what it means to labor in one’s power-slot. They would never experience what it means to stand-out. They would never experience what it means to lead the pack. They would never experience what it means to lead a fulfilled life. This is why you need to locate your own power-slot before it becomes too late.

Lastly, weaving your business around your talent is the easiest way to make money. You would start living your life like a fish inside water. This is one of the major things that having a personal coach would do in your life. High-finances attracting companies can be built out of a singular talent! Till I come your way next week, see you where high-finances attracting leaders are found.