2019 will mark the beginning of good things for Nigeria —Prophet Alo

Medical outreach COCINA popular Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) cleric and founder of Adamimogo Outreach, Prophet Sam Olu Alo, has urged Nigerians to look beyond the 2019 general election for the much desired leader who will turn around the fortune of the country.

Prophet Olu Alo said in a prophetic declaration that 2019 would be the beginning of good things to come for the country, however the February presidential poll might not produce the Messiah Nigerians have been longing for.

The cleric, who made the declaration while ministering at a four-day open air crusade with the theme: Deliverance from the Battle of Blood”, admonished Nigerians to ask for God’s mercy as they launched into the new year.

The crusade was held at a branch of the outreach (Power House) at Ogombo, Ajah Lagos.

The prophet, who is also the minister in-charge of the CAC Mount of Mercy prayer mountain, Erio-Ekiti, said God told him that the election would not produce the Messiah that would bring an end to the myriads of challenges facing the country.

The  evangelist, however, said that the outcome of the poll would be a significant step to a positive reorganisation and betterment to come.

“God said to me that Nigeria 2019 presidential election will not produce the Messiah that will put an end to the troubles and challenges facing the country, but it will be a significant step to a positive reorganisation and betterment to come,” he said.

“Nigerians will soon heave a sigh of relieve over the numerous challenges confronting the country as her tormentors will be troubled by God. will arise pass through the country and visit her people with mercy.

“Whoever emerges as president in the general election in 2019 cannot take the  country to the promised land, but will only do their best which may not be enough, he said.

“The outcome of the 2019 presidential election will be a pointer and set the tone for the better things to come in the country.

“God will visit His anger on those troubling Nigeria and causing her problems if refused to change their ways.

“God told me that He would remove the garments of suffering from the body of all Nigerians urging the people to return to Him,” he said.

The cleric said that God sent him to the land to deliver the people from the shackles of lack in the midst of plenty.

“ Non-natives are  increasingly  coming to the community to acquire lands and built houses with huge amount of money but this seem not to be translating to wealth for the people.

“The land has been experiencing untold hardship and backwardness over the years but the people have encountered the visitation of the Lord through the crusade.”

He said the revival was held among the indigent people in the community because there abound indigenes with stars and glory who God will raise to bring fortunes to the land.

“God has sent me to liberate them and cause their glories and destinies to shine forth. The Ogombo community must arise and shine.”

Over five thousand people attended the  crusade which lasted for five days and attested to the manifestation of power of God.

He used the occasion to announced the Ido/Osi open air crusade which will hold in Ido Ekiti, headquarters of Ido/Osi local government area of Ekiti state between 2 – 6  of December, 2018.

The annual Adamimogo scholarship awards for Senior Secondary 3 students from the loca