2019 general election: As Nigeria decides

NIGERIA continues to hover in the depth of poverty, insecurity, economic downturn, inhuman activities, ill educational sector, ill healthcare, corruption and indiscipline.
Over the years, since independence, we’ve witnessed different government administration; both the military and the civilian. Our hall mates and neighbouring countries have succeeded in anticipating the boom of our glory, but still no result. We have had several predictions, including the recent poverty alarm, and yet we remain stagnant.
Our leaders have resolved to believe that this country can not be better than its present state of abject poverty, they’ve left us; the masses to hover in our poor state.
The labour of our heroes past had, has,have, is and will be in vain if we don’t know how to make reasonable decisions.
In the past, decisions have been made on our behalf, vote buying being responsible amongst many other electoral ills. Our mothers and fathers had been subjected to slavery by their own leaders, and now they’re training we the children to take over from them when they’re gone.
Their own children school abroad, and parade themselves in expensive power bikes. They enroll their children in expensive and qualitative education and subject us to public education which has in so many occasions proven ineffective and poor, so that when their own children are through in their expensive education abroad, they can come back to Nigeria, to rule us.
Children of Nigeria, take this as a clarion call to make the right choice come 2019,as the country’s destiny will be determined one way or the other.
Children of Nigeria, don’t stay indoor and watch them from the windows, don’t stay indoor and watch them from the television, don’t stay indoor and hear them from the radio, don’t stay indoor and fold your arms. Fight, fight, fight for what’s right, make the right choice, make the right decision, vote the right choice come 2019.
Flashback to May 2015, when at the Eagle Square, Abuja or at the comfort of our sofa, we heard a well crafted and properly dictioned Presidential speech from the white paper. Everyone, young and old, male and female, everyone applauded in the barbarian style after listening to the white paper’s speech.
Unfortunately, nothing in that white paper has been realised by the present administration.
During manifestos, we hear a lot of lies from the mouths of these trained liars and we applaud and mostly collect cups of rice,maize and millets at the end of the day, selling the destiny of our Fatherland to the contractors of the devil, who are learning to spell doom for this great country day by day.
As February 2019 draws near, the death of some people draws near, likewise the death of Nigeria herself, if nothing reasonable is done to prevent the death flu.
Plans are undergoing, tactics are being laid down by these wicked leaders, but we the people make no plans on what will happen when 2019 comes eventually. It will be less amazing to hear that Nigeria has many resources, except the most valuable one yet, which is honorable politicians.
Although, we think we’re blessed enough and without good leadership we can succeed, it’s unfortunate to say its totally impossible for us to progress without us deciding reasonably.
We must attack the problems this country has, frontally, through the right choices we make by February 2019.
I believe,this country will still lead Africa, it can be done,this country cannot be written off,it can be done.