13 years Josephic growth model

lucky understanding, breaksLast week, I spent four solid days in Yola, Adamawa State, laying bare as onions before my audience—the unavoidable 13years “Josephic” growth-model. When I returned ho me on Monday last week, I fell in love with the idea of sharing with you a little out of what I taught those who were under the sound of my voice in Yola. I am sure it is going to challenge your thinking and I am so sure that you are going to become better for it.

What I call “13 years Josephic growth plan” if followed—is capable of lifting you from the valley of life, setting your feet on the path of greatness. It is capable of canceling your insignificant background, giving you a brand-new future that would confound those who used to know you in the valley of life. This has helped me a great deal in life, leadership and business. It will help you, too, if you will walk out in shoe-leather, what I am sharing with you today in synopsis.

To start with, you need to know that growth is not a gift and it is not something that is going to happen to you without deliberately planning for it. Also, it is not going to happen to you without you being willing to pay the required price for it. For the umpteenth time, growth is not free! This is why most folks are aging while only a few are growing.

To age is automatic, but growth is not automatic. It is not something that happens on its own. Take for instance; you cannot grow intellectually without you planning for it. Over the years, I have met with too far many people who only add years without growing rationally. What they say today is what they said thirty (30) years ago. The way they looked at issues of life is the same way they are looking at issues of life today. Their dark hair is fast turning grey, but their mind is very unrefined and unprocessed.

Before this year started some months ago, did you have any growth plan for it? Was there any plan to buy some books to read through? Was there any plan to acquire some new skills for advancement in every sphere of your life? Was there any plan to attend to attend to school to acquire more knowledge? Was there any plan to reduce the number of hours you spend sleeping? Was there any plan to kill some irrelevant relationships for some relevant relationships to come alive? Remember, relationship is everything.

To move from where you are to where you are destined (or supposed) to be, it begins with having a very clear vision. And to grow up, you need to have a very clear vision for it too. Without a vision that is clear, there would be no reason to grow and when there is no reason to grow, growth becomes a burden to endure, not an adventure to enjoy. It becomes very easy to pay the required price for growth—when there is a clear vision for it.

No one has a global vision and not greatly prepare for it. How far you’d grow in life depends on how high and far you can see. You’d settle for a life of mediocrity if you cannot see beyond your nose. Remember, it will be impossible for you to go beyond the ‘valley of Hebron’ if you cannot see beyond it. Many have gotten stuck to where they were born simply because they could not see beyond it.

Also, to grow when it comes to the area of what you are gifted to do, you would have to single out one thing that you good at and face it squarely. Joseph only pursued one thing he was exceptionally good at: he could give meaning to dreams. And the more he used the gift to solve problems, the better he became at using it.

Joseph started by solving problems pro-bono with his singular gift. The more he used it voluntarily, the better he became at using it. The reason many people’s gifts are not growing today is because they do not want to volunteer, using those gifts to help humanity. Remember, he who serves pro-bono today with his talent would receive high-finances tomorrow while serving with same gift.

If you do not use your gift, it will never grow and after a while, it would be taken from you and be given to someone else who uses his or her own productively. There are too far many people who are gifted to sing, draw, write, dance, jump and run, but over the years, they have done nothing about those precious gifts. Those gifts are just lying quiescent and inactive. Once again, for your talent to grow and become productive with it, you would need to keep using it to solve problems for humanity.

Growth (that has the capacity to impact the world as a whole) does not happen overnight, it does happen overtime. In the case of Joseph, it took him 13 solid years! There is a level of growth than can solve problems at the valley of Hebron level. There is a level of growth that can solve problems at the level of Potiphah’s house. Also, there is a level of growth that can solve problems on the inside of prison. And there is a level of growth that can solve global problems! This level of growth takes 13years to cook.

You need to also grow in your capacity to handle resources for others. God will first put some people’s resources into your hands before giving you your own resources. The more you are dependable and faithful when it comes to keeping other people’s resources, the more the resources that would be entrusted you’re your hands would grow. Ultimately, your own will find its way into your hands!

As the current year, 2018—is gradually and steadily fading away, you need to sit and intentionally plan for growth (in every area of life) in the coming year. Remember, growth does not just happen. Growth is planned and daily pursued. There is a level of success you cannot attract without growing. And there is a level of greatness you cannot access without growing in every sphere of your life.

See you where great people are found!

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