10 tips on how to travel with style (for men)

There’s something special about travelling. It doesn’t matter if you are heading to Abuja, New York or Paris for pleasure; nothing refines a man better than experiencing another culture.

Here are 10 tips to keep you looking your best the next time you hit the skies…


Tip #1: Dress sharp on purpose

Bottom line, dress to impress you will never know who will be watching. The advantage will always be on your side when travelling as a well-dressed  man, this will help in the times when you need them to hold the gate. Plus, if you’re travelling alone it’ll be easier to strike up a conversation if you look successful.


Tip #2: Wear a good watch

Put on a choice watch. A watch is basic in each man’s armoire, more so of a traveling man who is quite aware of the burden he encounters by not having a multi-functional, multi-time zone watch.

You can always do many things and comfortably move around by having a multi-functional watch. The watch may not be expensive, perhaps within a few thousand range. But if one could afford expensive ones it would be quite better.


Tip #3: Less is warm

Plan ahead and dress in layers. Leave the thick park at home and go for a nice vest. A dash of wild color will put some excitement to a drab outfit.


Tip #4: Create the ultimate carry-on

On those quick weekend flights from France Lagos to Abuja, you’ll want to stick to the overhead bag requirements. Pack your wardrobe and necessities in a travel bag that will not pose a burden in your travel (I’d consider something with wheels, or heavy straps). Remember, only pack what you’ll need for a day or two.


Tip #5: Airport stiquette

Airlines do have properties and rules particularly while traveling several thousand feet above. Follow these rules and take pleasure in your travel.

  1. Whoever got to the arm rest first gets it. With the exception of elders, kids, and women (if you ever expect to drum up conversation).
  2. If the screaming kid next to you won’t shut up, politely ask the parents to silence him (or just wear your earplugs).
  3. If you drink, keep it to one cocktail.
  4. Store your carry-on with the handle towards the aisle. This will save you headache when de-boarding.


Tip #6: Wear good-fitting shoes

Pay close attention to your feet to avoid discomfort. Put on a pair of easy-to-wear and comfortable shoes as it is quite difficult traveling with sore feet. I also recommend keeping a pair of socks in your carry-on bag for those long overseas flights.

Tip #7: Build a dopp kit

Always look vivid and refreshed to the eyes of everyone. Keep in handy a toilet bag with a complete set of toiletries inside it.


Tip #8: Pack a pair of jeans and/or chinos

Keep a few days open for going stylish and casual. Chinos or jeans are perfect, plus they keep your legs warm. Hint: leave the athletic suits and outfits at home they’re a big no-no.


Tip #9: Stow away a jacket/blazer

When traveling with a business agenda or smarter schedule, a blazer is a must-wear. The short haul essential raises the sartorial bar and saves the jacket from the perils of a suitcase. The extra layer is great for the chill of the aircraft cabin and the pockets come in incredibly handy for storing wallets, passports, tickets, phones etc.


Tip #10: Bring a button down

A voguish button-down or a dress shirt is more preferable than t-shirts. It gets similar space with t-shirts however button-downs are more fashionable and you can wear them in country sides or on ordinary city walks with shorts, long pants and sneakers-whatever. Just be sure the shirts you take are made of thin fabric. Another advice is to take along more than one shirt and some that are wildly colored and some with stylish designs.

courtesy: Kinowear.com