Understanding Feyisetan “FF” Fayose

FOR many, she is literally the “better” half of Ekiti Governor, Ayodele Peter Fayose. That would be for those who consider the fighter governor an affected brand. To them, she is what the governor isn’t they wish he becomes, and isn’t what the governor is, they pray she never becomes.

It is unlikely Peter would ever wish to become any other person, his wife inclusive, in this lifetime, making the likelihood of future personality swap, merger or integration a no-no. His haters will have to live and deal with his warrior make.

For Feyisetan, the extremely introvert Ekiti First Lady, the better-half feminine appreciation lingo, can only be figurative. You don’t cling to a bad brand the way she has hobbled the labyrinth of Fayose’s extraordinary politics and public life, with him, even if the man is the most powerful and influential around. Did Clara, the wife of the immediate past Enugu State Governor, Sullivan Chime, not cry out when the going was too tough even as a sitting First Lady?

Will the world push the “other room” saga of President Muhammadu Buhari and First Lady Aisha into the blank part of memory anytime soon? In those two instances, the women involved played the literal “better half”. The only snag is that it is always difficult to say if the men, like the two public officials here, presented as being of affected mannerism, would go for redemption or revenge. Chime in his own case, chose the revenge path, by casting his wife a psychopath and dumping her on her family. Chime, at least publicly, can’t be said to possess President Buhari’s unhidden legendary unforgiving spirit. But with Aisha who at the beginning of her husband’s presidency declared self as of indomitable spirit, the president may hurt his 10 toes more than Chime did in the course of any wife-casting business.

Interestingly, it was the same Aisha that used the dirty doggy description for Fayose in the heat of the two families’ squabbles. Though Feyisetan didn’t join the fray, it is unlikely she kept quiet then. The matriarch of the Fayose clan must have been consulting the celestial for the desired grievous end for the many and powerful enemies of her husband, the list which undoubtedly has the Buharis at the top.

If Fayose is fighting against Abuja as an underdog today, it is because his grumbling and disaffected own in Ekiti and PDP cracked not only the walls but flung open the doors to the secrets of his politics for Buhari and his men to ravage his inner recesses. And it was those enemy within that Feyisetan decided to go after on the first Tuesday of the new year.

For a soft-spoken, little-spoken see-me-and-don’t-hear-me personality, those words spoken at the inter-religious thanksgiving prayer programme in Ado-Ekiti, can only be discarded at the target’s peril. Nigeria and the world-beyond don’t listen only to Feyisetan when she speaks because she rarely does. Every ear goes into attention mode when the “Big Masquerade” steps into the public arena once in a long time, because over time, it has been proven that she never says “thus saith the Lord” without hearing from the One who speaks and it is so.

So, where does that leave those she targeted in her latest prophecy of shame and reproach, who as assured by God, would be exposed as wolves in sheep’s skin, drinking coffee on her husband dining table in the morning after late pounded yam dinner with the governor’s many enemies in Ekiti and Abuja, the preceding night?

Honest, they should be worried, that is if they truly believed Feyisetan hasn’t dumped her revered deep spiritual life for the allure of politics and Ekiti Government House. For politicians who are mostly rough-necks, regardless of status, her prophecy will likely be mocked on the strength of marital sentiment. It can be easily laughed away with “tani esinsin iba gbe bi o se elegbo” (who do you expect her to support). Aisha’s case of public remonstration with her husband may not even make much sense to those covered by the dangerous prophesy. They can tag Feyisetan, the biblical Ruth, whose “abokoku” (blindly in love) acknowledgment, is mostly used in derision.

The milling news of Feyisetan’s likely involvement in electoral contest in 2019 may further embolden the said “traitors” and their outside collaborators to pout their lips in mockery this time, even while not in denial of how God had honoured past prophecies through her with pin-point accuracy.

But I see a Daniel in her. Even as a slave in Babylon, he refused to contaminate his spirit with the sinful goodies from the king’s table. God so honoured him with excellent spirit that he could even get into your spirit and bring your forgotten dreams into remembrance. Feyisetan isn’t even a slave. The couple didn’t come into politics and government house in 2003 financially poor, though Fayose was then obviously lacking in human management experience. But all through their first coming, the wilderness and return, Feyisetan has remained almost “spotless” (that word again), speaking to Daniel’s kind of resolve. There is no way such a person, either male or female, won’t hear from God and He not making haste to answer his/her prayer.

Before coming out, something tells me FF had been quietly pounding those troubling her husband, on her knees. Isn’t that obvious with the way nearly all are coming to grief.

But I have a small assignment for the spiritual warrior. It is not good enough that she is Aburo Dada (the stronger younger who helps the weaker older fight his battles) for the governor. It is commendable she has got him to become a yearly prophet, she should help shoo him over carnality borderline into full spirituality. That is when he can become an overcomer who doesn’t have to fight before winning his battles.