Traditional medicine practitioners are not herbalist —Practitioners

The founder of Adelite Herbal Consult, Dr Tola Soyemi has said that traditional medicine practitioners are not herbalists.

He made this statement at the launch of a book titled Philosophy and Healing in Traditional Medicine.

Soyemi declared that ignorance had made Christians and Muslims believe that traditional medicine practitioners are herbalists and as such does not support the use of traditional medicines.

“Traditional Medicine has been in existence from the Stone Age. It  is still relevant in our daily life. It has also cured so many ailments. Many people are still seeking the service of traditional medicine practitioners for solution to their health problems,” he said.

However, he urged the Christian and Muslim leaders to support investments in modernised herbal medicine to help ensure that it proffers solutions to the country’s health issues.

The Chairman National Association of Nigerian Medical Practitioners, Sagamu, Ogun State, Chief Sikiru Bakare, assured that “The administration of traditional medicine for curative purposes transcends orthodox medicine. Its administration is not limited to swallowing or drinking of substances.

“It is very interesting to observe that despite the effort of the government at all levels to bring good health care to Nigerians, people are still patronising traditional practitioners, especially for ailments that have defied orthodox solution.

“The reason for this is not far-fetched. Critics of traditional medicine may not agree with me, but the fact remains that traditional medicine is useful and potent in curing various ailments, affliction and demonic forces.

“Some of us would have experienced one health problem or the other that have exhausted the wherewithal of experienced medical doctors in finding a solution. At the end, they would ask them to seek traditional solution.” he stated.