Skye Bank: Kudos to CBN

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) deserves a pat on the back for assuring Nigerians on the state of health of Skye Bank Plc. A report from the media about the bank recently had shattered public confidence in the bank.

It was, however, a good thing that the CBN has come out to reassure members of the public, particularly depositors, that the bank is liquid and there is no cause for alarm.

Having assured us of the state of health of the bank, I think it is also important that the CBN takes the issue of retirees from the bank since 2000 seriously. We hope the apex bank can order the new management of the bank to look into our case.

Pensioner representatives had met with the last management of the bank on our entitlements, which we have been demanding for years, and all we got were assurances.

We, therefore, hope that with the new management, our entitlements will be released to us without delay.

I believe the CBN will discuss this with the new management to come up with steps it will take to settle the retirees’ entitlements.

  • Ogunsakin Babalola,


Osun State.