Ruth Kadiri gives back to society

Fast rising actress, Ruth Kadiri has embarked on another life-transforming journey through her foundation for kids, Ruth Kadiri Kids Foundation, as she empowered 100 students of Ilasan Primary School, Jakande Lekki, on choosing the right identity and appreciating who they are. She also gave them educational gifts to help their studies.

Speaking to select primary school pupils who were very much excited to be in the company of the actress, Ruth highlighted the forthcoming possibilities that they would encounter as they progress in their studies, which, if not well taken care of, might endanger their original dreams.

“When you get into secondary school, you are going to meet a lot of people that would make you feel like there is something wrong with you. However you are, you are okay, you are unique,” the actress advised the pupils, who listened with rapt attention.

Since the founding of her foundation, the actress has embarked on quote a number of projects that involve young people, in a bid to help them grow and become better persons.

According to her, reaching out to the children is one of the things she lives for and finds so much joy in, and her only reward, is to see the children smile.