Oyo govt should explore tourism potentials

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It is with a great patriotism that I write to urge the Oyo State government to fully explore the cultural tourism potentials in the state. For some time now, cultural tourism has not been seen as a means to generate revenue. The sector has always been under-utilised and so many of our cultural potentials are in bad state.

However, it is commendable that the Oyo State government, through the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism, has taken the bull by the horn with its recent exploit to promote cultural tourism in the state.

No doubt, the sector is a viable economic earner for those that develop and promote. I, therefore, want to urge the state government to fully explore the potentials inherent in the sector.

The government should not just leave it at the promotion level, but go steps further to make it beneficial to the state and the entire citizens.

  • Sade Idowu,

Ojagbo,  Ibadan.