How I Escaped from Gorilla at High Impact Planet Amusement Resort, Lagos?

High Impact Planet Amusement Resort, located on kilometre 12, Lagos – Ibadan Expressway, Ibadan bound was gleefully inaugurated and opened to the public in December last year.

Undoubtedly, the best of such amusement park in Nigeria and one of the best three in Africa with all international standard and appurtenances.

When it was inaugurated, the Governor of Ogun State, Senator Ibikunle Amosun who was busy with state function earlier that day sent a representative, but when the man he sent must have told him that High Impact Planet was not one of the run–in–the–mills tourism projects, the Governor excused himself out of the cosy office in Oke Imosan and stormed the site!

On seeing what has been planted by Prince Adeyanju Lipede, President Solution Media and InfoTech,  Governor Amosun was not only visibly impressed but  happy that “A son of Egba has planted world best amusement park in Ogun territory.

High Impact Planet is it – the best Amusement park in Nigeria, West – Africa and possibly now in Africa.

The theme park has a clinic and a resident doctor for emergency, full scanners at the entrance for luggage and visitors and a police post within the premises for security. The fun facilities include, animatronics, including semi-live lions, fun food court, food court, enterprise ride, 90 toilets for convenience, souvenir court, bumper cars, eye-combat games, 40-metre high spring ride, a freestyler that simulates surfing, kite flyer, hoopla, dream machine, ferry spin, samba balloon, Mexican theatre, a 10-seater Hi-Impact airplane, a multi-purpose hall with acoustics for stage production, railways, 5-D cartoon animation studio, Imax cinema and watermania.

Everything planted on the ground and fitted was of international standards, ethics, quality and stipulation.

Being a live witness and participant at the opening ceremony, I thought the fun had stopped and that I had seen it all.

But I remembered that, Prince Adeyanju Lipede, President, Solution Media and High-tech, owner of Hi Impact Planet Amusement Park made a promise during the opening that “You will have cause to always visit. We are going to constantly renovate, innovate and dazzle your imagination.”

On Thursday 14 July, I got this journalistic hunch of testing the sincerity of Prince Lipede’s covenant of operation.

After being scanned and searched by the polite guards who smiled at me insisting and telling me why I must drop this and that inside my car.

As I approach the Planet arena, the first thing that caught my eyes was a big black ‘Statute ‘of a Gorilla which looks like the famous king Kong, the one who fell in love with a lady in one of the best Hollywood films ever produced.

Oh!  I exclaimed, King Kong is here.

And I moved towards it.

And behold, the supposed statute grunted, saw the big thing moving towards me, raising his hands up as if to grab me.

I retreated fast, causing a show to make the matter worse, the black thing screeched as it approached me and belched out smoke from its mouth.

As I retreated with fear, it paced squeezing his face in terror again and screamed as if determined to catch me at all cost.

Not to cause a stir at the Park, I noticed the black silver going back slowly , gnashing its teeth in regret  of failing to have a grip of me.

Doused with fear, as I was  watching it  retreating  a sonorous  voice like that of Angel  said “it is not a life Gorilla. It is robotic.”

I did the sign of the Holy Cross, OMG!  I thought it was real!

Victoria Odimba, the Marketing Executive, Solution Media and InfoTech informed “it is one of the new facilities just planted for the consumption of the patrons. You know we promised to be proactive, to innovate, renovate and keep patrons guessing about our facilities.”

Miss Odimba added “this is not the only new facility here.”

She then, in her stride conducted us round the new facilities which included the first of its kinds in Africa 12D Cinema, which has nine movements and five effects, and the first to be made by the company with 150 seating arena.

Then, we moved to the  3 functions Halls which are wonderfully designed and suited for theme marriage, conference, seminar, play and symposium while the icing on its cake is the Car racing tracks with racing cars like the one used in Formular 4  and its well endowed tracks of about five kilometres!

“These are just a tip of the iceberg. You know our President will never do anything haphazardly or in half measure. Whatever you get here are globally acceptable and sealed best practices.”

Saving the patrons who might have to stay one day or more days at the resort, High Impact Planet service apartments are ready and have been in use by those who deserve luxurious and far away from the maddening crowd home away from home.

Prince Lipede revealed “We have kept faith with our covenant of services which we signed in December. We did promise to ensure not only in offering an international amusement services of exceptional ethics and standard  obtainable anywhere in the world, but also assured you that we would keep faith with periodic maintenance, innovation and renovation. This is we have done in the past few weeks by not only bringing in new facilities, but making sure that the High Impact Planet you knew before is anew again,   and it will be opened  to the public again on Saturday 6 August, 2016. For, the taste of the pudding is in the eating.”