How to tackle corruption

If we are serious about tackling corruption in this country, then we should ensure that convicts serve their jail terms without any option of fine. If a public official steals N25billion and after trial, he is asked to pay N5million as fine, then this will not deter others from committing the same crime. In fact, I know many people will go this route if they have the opportunity of stealing such a huge sum of money. Corruption is our biggest problem in the country, and if we don’t tackle it head-on, then we will not achieve anything.

Some people see President Muhammadu Buhari as a disciplinarian, but what of when he leaves office? We should get things right, now.

In China, anybody who involves himself/herself in financial crime against the state is sentenced to death. The Chinese know that corruption would derail their progress if it is not tackled, and today, the country is prospering. Nigeria should tow the same line too. We may not be giving such corrupt people death sentences, but they must serve their jail terms, which should not be fewer than 15 years. This is the only way to save the country from being ruined by corruption.

  • Mobolaji Alaka,