Hollandia’s Colours of Goodness campaign and the digital space as brand positioning tool

Despite the curtains being drawn on Colours of Goodness, a social media campaign, organized by Chi Limited, to further push one of their milk brands, Hollandia Yoghurt, one of the highlights of the campaign, is the evidence of the soaring popularity of the digital space, among brands, for positioning.

For instance, not a few brand analysts and consumers of the Hollandia Yoghurt Milk, have expressed some form of delight at the effectiveness of the recently-concluded campaign; which they believe effectively reached out to the teeming consumers on a virtual space, that quite a number of brands have not really bothered to exploit, in spite of its huge potential of enhancing the equity of such brands and deepen their market shares.

Analysts believe that besides deepening the brand’s top of the mind awareness in the nation’s dairy market segment, one of the uniqueness of Hollandia Yoghurt’s Colours of  Goodness Campaign remains the brand’s ability to effectively deploy a reward mechanism on the digital space, thereby giving consumers on that virtual space that sense of belonging.

Perhaps one of the evidence of such success was the prize presentation ceremony held recently, where several prizes including Smart Phones, Tablets and Packs of refreshing and nourishing Hollandia Yoghurt were handed over to winners of the social media contest promo.

Expressing her gratitude to the management of Chi Limited for coming up with the promo, Victoria Thomas, a lucky winner, who smiled home with a Samsung Galaxy Smartphone, noted that the promo afforded her the opportunity to explore the values within her.

‘‘Yoghurt ‘Colour of Goodness’ contest has made me feel the goodness within and gave me an opportunity to flaunt it outside,’’ she stated.

The company’s Head of Marketing, Probal Bhattacharya described the social media contest as a way of creating a platform for millions of the company’s consumers to showcase their ingenuity and get rewarded for doing so.

‘‘For consumers who are eager to feel the goodness of Hollandia Yoghurt within and also flaunt the brand’s goodness outside, the Hollandia Yoghurt ‘Colours of Goodness’ Contest provides the best opportunity,’’ he stated.