Govs should conduct LG elections

S TATE governors have almost ruined the functions of the third tier of government, which is the local government. They have extended their power to the local government level, thereby denying citizens the opportunity to elect their representatives at the grassroot level.

Today, governors determine what goes to the local governments despite the fact that the council areas have their allocations from the Federation Account. It is undemocratic for state governors to be usurping the functions of local government chairmen through their proxies who they appoint to the local government areas. In some local governments today, the appointed council chairmen cannot undertake any meaningful project without the approval of the state government, and this is a great disservice to the tenets of democracy.

If we are, therefore, to sustain democracy in the country, a thriving local government system must be functioning; that is, one where democratic principles are followed.

Consequently, it is necessary that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) take over the conduct of elections into local governments.

  • Lawson Iyayi,