When Four Points connected with art

Four Points by Sheraton Lagos affirms the close relationship between art and hospitality by hosting a contemporary art exhibition


FOUR Points by Sheraton Lagos, a brand of Marriott International has hosted three contemporary Nigerian artists who showcased their impressive collection of paintings and sculptures in its space.

Dotun Popoola, Segun Philips and Akeem Adeleke showed in the group exhibition, ‘Art Connect’ that ended yesterday, September 28 at the upscale hotel.

Unsurprisingly, it was a mixed grill from the artists as Popoola showed an assemblage of ornamental metal sculptures. The artist who described his works as ‘hybrid metal sculptures’ took the objects out of their original form and assembled them to make beautiful artworks.

Explaining his works, Popoola said: “My sculptures are one of the major avenues to protest visual waste. We know that Nigeria is considered as dumping ground of waste, and I am turning these wastes to beautiful works of art.”

The sculptor further explained that he uses his work to promote waste management, especially as Nigeria is considered the junkyard of the West, with used automobiles, electronic gadgets, and fake generators in abundance. These wastes, he noted, can be turned into wealth. “A tokunbo car bought in Nigeria, in less than a month, probably will need a change of shock absorbers or brake pads. So, each time I visit the junkyard, I pick some of these materials as my tools for art. I pick them up in different colours and different shapes. I see most of them as a metaphor. So, I will compose all of them together to create a sculpture,” he explained.

One of his outstanding works at the group show was ‘The King Fisher’, a sculpture of a bird-eating fish made with different rust metals, scrap metals, stainless aluminium and bronze.

Adeleke, who favours practical art, uses his paintings to change people’s negative perceptions of Nigeria. One of the works he showed at the exhibition is a cityscape at night that looks so foreign but is indeed Nigeria. He disclosed that when people view his works, they often ask the question ‘Is this Nigeria?’

Philips is the inventor of a particular painting style called ‘Woodenism’ that makes works “have a feeling of shaft wood when they are created with apparent colours.”  He explained that he does it in such a way “you think I use shaft wood.”

Speaking earlier before the exhibition opened on September 21, General Manager, Four Points by Sheraton, Jonathan Patterson, explained that,” the hotel is sponsoring the exhibition as part of its corporate social responsibility to the Lagos community. When we were offered the opportunity to host this exhibition which showcases not only the works of the iconic Dotun Popoola but two other young and brilliant artists; Segun Philips and Akeem Adeleke, we jumped at it and were inspired by the array of their past and current works. We strongly hope that it can help to inspire us all.”

He added that the show would help “to get a better picture of Nigeria’s shared cultural past – a past that can inspire us to work towards a shared and better future.”

Patterson further assured that ‘Art Connect’ won’t be the last show hosted by the hotel. “I’m going to continue to be doing this. I’m hoping that we’ll do it more frequently. So, the whole process for this particular event is to gauge the success and the feedback from art lovers,” he said.

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