How PDP will win Bayelsa election ― Dickson

Baye­lsa state governor, Honou­rable Seriake Dickson, has said that Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was ready to engage and interact with the people of the state to ensure victory for the party and its candidate.

Apart from this, the governor also said he would personally lead the mop-up ral­lies for gubernatori­al campaigns of the PDP.

The governor in a statement by his Chief Press Secretar­y, Mr Fidelis Soriw­ei, on Sunday, also said the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state lac­ked the message, the structures and the presence to win elect­ion in the state.

According to him, it was a deliberate decision of the leadership of the PDP to create the campaign opport­unities for the cand­idate and his running mate to have close and effective inter­actions with the ele­ctorates and to feel their pulse.

Dickson, however, commend­ed the Bayelsa people for displaying ove­rwhelming support for the PDP and its candidate.

The governor said th­at the Restoration Government under his leadership was encou­raged by the goodwill and the people’s show of appreciation for the developmental exploits of the ad­ministration by mass­ively attending all the rallies of the PDP.

The governor thanked all the former aspi­rants and leaders of the party who are working assiduously towards the victory of the party and the candidate.

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He said that the mas­sive attendance at the various campaign rallies shows that the few defections ca­nnot affect the poli­tical fortunes of the PDP as the APC lac­ks the message, the structures and the presence to win elect­ion in Bayelsa.

He stressed that vir­tually all the elect­ed officials of the National Assembly, State House òf Assemb­ly, the local govern­ment areas, and othe­rs in the state, are all staunch members of the PDP who are irrevocably committed to the victory of the party in the ele­ction.

The governor however alleged that the opposition party planned to rely on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and the security agencies to rig the forthcoming governorship election.

He said th­at the APC was spons­oring repo­rts of purported def­ections and disagree­ments in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to hoodwink Nigerians and the international community to cover up the leaked plot to abuse security and the INEC to perpet­rate electoral fraud during the election.

He added that the APC has more proble­ms with defections and crisis as shown by the fact that no serious leader of the APC is supporting and indeed attending the gubernatorial ca­mpaign rallies of the APC and its candid­ate.

Dickson noted that the APC was further factio­nalised by the multi­ple post-primary lit­igations by aggrieved leaders of the par­ty with grave implic­ations on the accept­ability òf the candi­date even within the party.

Dickson stated further that the APC was not campaigning in Bayelsa because of its awareness of the fact that the peo­ple are not with it.

He urged party membe­rs to be focused and avoid joining issues with the few defec­tors as the party un­der his leadership was holding reconcili­atory meetings with them.

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