Economy: Okorocha begs Nigerians for patience

IMO State governor, Rochas Okorocha, has said although the country is passing through a difficult moment which he said was not the making of the present government, there was the need for patience, as the administration strives to fix the economy.

He stated that the difficult times were being occasioned by the activities of past governments and the fall in price of crude oil.

Speaking when he visited Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Musa Bello, Okorocha said: “Things will get better. We have to appeal to Nigerians because we owe them that duty of care. So let them just be a bit patient with us and as soon as this (2016) budget starts rolling out, and when the programme starts rolling out, they will forget that there was a period that was as painful as this.”

He went further to say, “thank God we are still united and together as a people, we shall overcome the challenges.”

Okorocha described the minister as a man with strong will to rid the territory of shanties and other environmental nuisances defacing the capital city.

The governor explained that he was at the minister’s office to commend him for his laudable programmes for the territory.

According to him, “what we want in Abuja is a decent environment. This is our capital and it should look like a capital that is not being defaced by shanties or whatever other kind of environmental nuisances.

“I am sure we are going to see a new Abuja, which we can all be truly proud of.

“What I have seen now in Abuja is that the minister’s commitment to come up with laudable programmes. I am sure Abuja is going to wear a new look because what we really expect from him (FCT Minister) is a new Abuja.”

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